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Ambersil is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial aerosols, chemical sprays and aerosol-based industrial cleaners. Ambersil sprays are used widely across the electronics, automotive, engineering, aviation and food industries.

Conro Electronics stocks a comprehensive range of Ambersil sprays and cleaners, including: silicone lubricants, air dusters, solvent degreasers, paint primers and acrylic spray paints, conformal coating for electronic surfaces, PCB cleaners, adhesive removers, silicone grease, as well as miscellaneous cleaning products for domestic use on upholstery and even snooker cloths!

Ambersil provide effective aerosol-based chemical solutions for a variety of applications and environments – cleaning and degreasing electrical and automotive equipment, removing paint, graffiti and other substances, as well as painting and lubrication sprays. Workers in a wide range of industries, from food preparation to paper-making, will find Ambersil products ideal for everyday use.

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