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Assembly fluids come in a wide variety, from two-part adhesives to epoxies, silicone and more. Each product has specific properties and different uses. When it comes to applying adhesives and other products to surfaces, there are many accessories available to make the job easier.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of accessories from Henkel Loctite.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Henkel Loctite.

Adhesives are often applied in beads and dots through dispensing nozzles. This allows for an accurate application of the product. Handheld dispensers are accessories used for creating precise and consistent beads and dots in certain patterns.
Henkel dispensers are practical and portable. They are an inexpensive option for field work, touch ups and low volume assembly. They are designed for simple and clean dispensing of sealants.

Dispensers are designed to apply a wide range of products, including two-part adhesives, silicone and epoxies. Henkel offers accessories suitable for use with cartridges, syringe barrels and bottles of different sizes.

Mixing nozzles are used to mix and dispense two-part adhesives. Part A and part B run through a series of chambers inside the nozzle, blending the components. The nozzle repeatedly divides and joins the materials, providing a uniform mix.

Henkel mixing nozzles can be used with a hand held dispenser or with meter mix and dispense equipment (MMD). Nozzles prevent air from being introduced to the mix. Using mixing accessories is more reliable than mixing components by hand.

Primer applicators are accessories used for applying primer to surfaces. Using primer before applying an adhesive makes a surface ready for optimal bonding. Applicators are lint-free, to avoid contamination of the treated surface.

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