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Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

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Cyanoacrylate (also known as super glue) is a fast-acting, strong adhesive suited to a wide range of applications. It forms instant bonds to virtually any material, including rubber, wood, metal and engineered plastics. Cyanocrylate is a single component glue and it cures at room temperature.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of cyanoacrylates from major manufacturers such as Henkel Loctite.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Henkel Loctite.

  • Easy to use: Cyanoacrylates come in gel or liquid form, with a choice of applicators to suit the project. Most instant adhesives are one-part, so there is no need to mix components. They can be integrated in an automated production line or applied manually.
  • Versatile: Cyanoacrylate glue provides excellent bonding to most substrates. It can be used for industrial purposes or to repair household items. Super glues come in a wide variety of formulations, to fit user requirements.
  • Strong: Cyanoacrylate produces strong bonds. It provides the strength and flexibility to resist shock and vibration.
  • Fast: Curing speed ranges from seconds to a few minutes.
  • Good appearance: Cyanoacrylate requires a minimal amount to form strong bonds. There is little risk of overspill. Super glue leaves minimal to no trace between substrates.
  • Water resistant: Super glue prevents infiltration from water and other fluids.

Different formulations of instant adhesives are made to meet specific requirements. These include:

  • High flexibility
  • High strength
  • High temperature
  • High toughness
  • Light cure
  • Surface insensitive

Certain types of cyanoacrylate are material-specific, to be used on rubber, plastic or metal.

Two-part cyanoacrylates are also available. These glues allow users to mix the adhesive for curing. This brings a higher level of control on the mixture. Two-part super glues are ideal for gap filling applications.

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