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Electrically Conductive Adhesives

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Electrically conductive adhesives


Electrically conductive adhesives are adhesives filled with conductive particles made of materials such as silver, copper or graphite. They are primarily used in electronics, to fix components in place while allowing an electrical current to flow between them. Electrically conductive adhesives are especially useful as an alternative to solder on heat-sensitive components.

Electrically conductive adhesives are common in sectors that require high reliability, such as aerospace, automotive and medical. They are available in many different formulations. Most general adhesives, including epoxies, acrylics and silicone, can be filled with conductors.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of electrically conductive adhesives from major manufacturers such as Henkel Loctite.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Henkel.

Different types of electrically conductive adhesive provide different features and benefits. This allows manufacturers to find the type of adhesive that best fits their needs.

  • Electrically conductive epoxies. These one-part adhesives usually cure by heat. They are versatile and provide wide a range of application methods and curing temperatures. One-part epoxies are ideal as a solder replacement for heat-sensitive components.
  • Two-component epoxies. Comprised of a resin and a hardener, they are available in a range of viscosities. They generally use silver as a filler, providing high levels of conductivity. Two-part epoxies are an advanced type of adhesive. They offer superior adhesive properties on substrates where other adhesives would be unreliable.
  • Electrically conductive silicone. Usually graphite filled and used for EMI/RFI shielding or for antistatic systems. Their thickness and viscosity make them suitable to larger applications, such as gasketing or sealing of large areas. They provide high flexibility.
  • Snap cure conductive adhesives. Snap-cure adhesives require freezer storage and cure at room temperature in less than two minutes. They are ideal where two substrates have a large mismatch between the respective coefficients of thermal expansion.


Whatever your choice, you can find an electrically conductive adhesive suited to your needs in our online store. All products have been tested for their quality and effectiveness and meet the highest standards.

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