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Electronic Kits

Electronic kits are pre-assembled packages that include all the pieces needed to assemble an electronic device. They include electrical components, a circuit diagram, assembly instructions and often a printed circuit board (PCB).

Their goal is to help users learn the process behind electronic systems. People primarily purchase kits to have fun and practice their skills. Electronic kits also allow to build custom projects.

Kits for children, including easy step-by-step instructions, are becoming more and more common. Kits for adults have more advanced features and single-step instructions. They will often require a basic understanding of electronics.

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There are two types of kit. Some build a single device or system. Other types illustrate a range of circuits.

The first type of kits normally uses a PCB on which components are soldered. They come with detailed instructions describing the installation of components into the circuit board. Kits are available to build many different types of devices. These include audio equipment, sensors, timers, robots and more.

The second type will include a solderless construction board. It can have components mounted in plastic blocks with side contacts, or a professional prototyping board to insert component leads into. This is also known as a breadboard. “Breadboarding” is an easy way to build and understand circuits.

An experiment guide can be included, to allow the user to get started right away.
For advanced projects, the electronic kit may only consist of a printed circuit board and assembly instructions. The purchaser may have to source all the parts independently.

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