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Retaining Compounds

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Retaining compounds are adhesives with a wide range of applications. They work in the absence of air (anaerobic). When applied, they form a strong bond between components. Common uses are for retaining bearings, gears, sprockets and close-fitting parts. ConRo Electronics is an authorised distributor for Henkel Loctite.

Retaining compounds can be used for bonding surfaces together or for filling voids. They remain liquid until they are confined between metal parts. The thickness and strength of the resin increases as the liquid cools to room temperature.

They allow for easier transmission of high loads. They prevent the corrosion and grinding of surfaces, reducing the need for expensive replacement parts. Due to their adhesive strength, they are best used in parts that require infrequent disassembling.

Retaining compounds are available in a range of strengths and curing times. These perform different functions in various industries and with different components.

High-strength compounds are used for components that have to tolerate high amounts of stress. They perform well under challenging environmental conditions. Low and medium-strength compounds should be used with components that need dismantling.

High temperature compounds have superior resistance to heat. These are used in settings with high operating temperatures. They are especially suited to automotive and MRO industries.

  • Corrosion and fretting prevention
  • Make assembly easier and more reliable
  • Increase strength of fits
  • Even load distribution
  • Reduce the need for replacement parts
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical fixings

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