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Thermally Conductive Adhesives

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Thermally conductive adhesives are used to bond electronic components while providing effective heat management. They come in a range of different formats, including paste, film and tape. They have varying compositions, based on different application needs. They typically use metal, metal oxides, silica or ceramic microspheres as conductive fillers.

These products also offer properties such as adhesive strength, resistance to chemicals, non-corrosive formulation and resistance to impact and vibration. They are designed to conform perfectly to the bonding surfaces, further reducing thermal resistance.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of thermally conductive adhesives from major manufacturers such as Henkel Loctite.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Loctite.

Popular adhesive products for thermally conductive applications are 1 and 2 part silicones, 2-part epoxies and polyurethanes. 1-part epoxies are uncommon, due to the high temperatures required for curing the adhesive.

The most popular formats for thermally conductive adhesives are:

  • Tape adhesive. Double-sided, it offers an alternative to mechanical assembly. Easy to use and versatile. It also provides electrical insulation.
  • Film adhesive. Pre-cut in custom formats. Ideal for bonding large areas or complex parts. Its uniformity removes voids between bonding surfaces.
  • Liquid adhesive. Provides strong adhesion and excellent thermal properties. It can replace soldering and mechanical assembly.

These products are often used where soldering components is not practical. They can also be a substitute for mechanical assembly. The main application of this type of adhesives include:

  • Bonding surface mount devices to printed circuit boards.
  • Bonding heatsinks. Heatsinks dissipate heat from components, preventing overheating and device failure.
  • Potting and encapsulation of PCBs, transformers and coils. Potting dissipates heat and protects parts against shock and vibrations.

Thermally conductive adhesives are common in applications such as microelectronics, sensor technology and automotive engineering.

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