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Glass Cleaners

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Glass cleaners are products that can be applied on any glazed or ceramic surface to remove blemishes and light soiling. A good glass cleaner will help you keep surfaces clean and streak-free. Here at ConRo, we’ve got a wide range of glass cleaners for you to choose from. Whether for interior or exterior windows, computer screens or vehicle windshields – there is something suitable for every application.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide range of glass cleaners from major manufacturers such as Ambersil and Henkel’s Teroson.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Ambersil and Henkel.

Different types of glass cleaners are available to meet specific needs.

  • General purpose. These glass cleaners are made to remove dust, fingerprints and light contaminants from glass. Most of these products will also be effective on ceramic-coated and painted metal surfaces. They provide quick and effective cleaning with no streaks.
  • Screen cleaners. These products are used to remove stains from visual display units. They can be used on a wide range of sensitive electronic equipment, such as computer screens, plasma screens and digital camera screens.
  • Pre-treament cleaners. These products are used to clean while at the same time pre-treating surfaces. They are designed to improve the bonding properties of adhesives on glass and ceramic.

Using a high-quality glass cleaner provides several advantages:

  • General purpose cleaners are versatile products and will work on glazed surfaces, mirrors, ceramic and even painted metal surfaces.
  • Glass cleaners easily remove stains, dust and light contamination.
  • Special additives in the products avoid the formation of streaks on glass.
  • Some glass cleaners also provide an anti-static effect, making cleaning much easier and effective.
  • High-quality cleaners contain additional active ingredients to protect against dirt adhesion.

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