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Welcome to ConRo Electronics’ “Pre-Blends” category, your go-to destination for premium pre-blended conformal coatings tailored to meet your specific PCB protection needs. Our curated selection of pre-blends, available in a range of viscosities, is designed to simplify your coating processes and ensure optimum performance without the hassle of additional dilution. With a wide array of options, you’ll find the ideal solution for your electronics.

ConRo Electronics takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of pre-blended conformal coatings. Our acrylic and urethane-based pre-blends are renowned for their exceptional quality and easy application. All of our products are sourced from major manufacturers such as Humiseal and tested to meet the highest standards.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Humiseal.

Our pre-blends are suitable for various application methods, including:

  • Dipping: Submerge your PCBs in the pre-blended coating to achieve uniform protection.
  • Spraying: Achieve precise and even coverage with ease by using a spray application method.
  • Brushing: Apply the coating manually with a brush for intricate or selective protection.

Conformal coatings serve as a vital component in safeguarding your PCBs from a number of environmental threats. Here are some of the key advantages you can expect from our pre-blends:

  • Protection: Shield your printed circuit boards from moisture, dust, vibration, mechanical shocks and extreme temperatures, extending their lifespan and ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Insulation: Improve the dielectric properties of your PCBs, preventing electrical leakage and short circuits.
  • Chemical resistance: Our coatings offer robust resistance to a wide range of chemicals, enhancing the durability of your electronics in harsh environments.
  • UV stability: Maintain the integrity of your PCBs under exposure to UV radiation, critical for outdoor applications and products.


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