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Conformal coating gels address the limitations of traditional conformal coatings by offering heightened viscosity. Unlike low-viscosity coatings, gels are thick and thixotropic in nature, providing effective coverage on vertical and sensitive components. While traditional coatings struggle with vertical adhesion and pins, our protective gels excel in these areas, ensuring comprehensive protection for your PCBs.

Explore our range of high-quality conformal coating gels, including polyurethane, acrylic, and UV-curable acrylated urethane formulations. Our carefully curated selection, available in containers and syringes, caters to diverse applications, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your electronic components. All of our products are sourced from major manufacturers such as Dymax and Humiseal and tailored to meet the challenges of modern PCB applications.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Dymax and Humiseal.

Conformal coating gels provides the following key benefits over traditional coating solutions:

  • High viscosity: Gels exhibit dramatically higher viscosity, ensuring they adhere to vertical, taller, and sensitive components without excessive flow.
  • Thixotropic: Thixotropic in nature, our gels efficiently flow during application, then remain stable, providing optimal protection.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for a variety of PCB applications, gels can be dispensed by hand using syringe-type packaging or applied automatically through needle-type valves on selective coating machinery.
  • Enhanced protection: Designed to stay in place, conformal coating gels offer unparalleled protection against vibration, mechanical shock, and environmental stressors.

Typical conformal coating gel applications include:

  • Coating of pins and taller leads: Ensures comprehensive coverage on vertical surfaces, enhancing protection.
  • Coating of through holes: Prevents undesirable flow through holes, preserving the integrity of the PCB.
  • Coating and damming around IC packages: Delivers precise protection around integrated circuit packages, enhancing reliability.
  • Vibration and mechanical shock protection: Ideal for safeguarding large capacitors and batteries from external stresses.

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