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Light Curing Systems

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Discover cutting-edge light curing systems at ConRo Electronics, your go-to destination for industrial-grade products designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing processes. Our range of high-quality light curing systems offers superior performance and versatility, making them essential tools for various industrial applications. Whether your process requires flexible handheld LED devices or flood curing systems suitable for both UV and visible light cure adhesives, our products are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

For added confidence in your light curing processes, be sure to explore our Loctite radiometers, designed to work seamlessly with our light curing systems, guaranteeing consistent curing intensities throughout your production journey.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Henkel Loctite.

Understanding the distinction between UV and visible light curing systems is crucial for selecting the right technology for your industrial processes.

  • UV Light Curing Systems: These systems employ ultraviolet (UV) light, known for its rapid curing capabilities. UV curing is perfect for applications where speed and efficiency are paramount, as it offers near-instantaneous curing of adhesives.
  • Visible Light Curing Systems: Visible light curing systems use light within the visible spectrum to activate polymerization reactions. They are less common than UV light curing systems, but offer advantages in specific applications, such as curing UV-sensitive materials and achieving increased depths of cure on thick coatings.


  1. Handheld Spot Curing Light Sources: Perfect for precision applications, handheld systems deliver targeted curing with ease, ensuring optimal adhesive bonding in intricate manufacturing processes.
  2. Handheld Lamps: Designed for versatility, UV lamps offer flexibility in directing light to cure adhesives precisely where needed, making them ideal for various assembly tasks.
  3. Flood Curing Chambers: For large-scale curing needs, our flood curing chambers provide uniform and consistent illumination across extensive work areas, guaranteeing efficient and reliable results.

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