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Fume Extraction Systems & Accessories

Breathe easy and maintain a safe working environment with ConRo Electronics’ comprehensive range of fume extraction systems. Designed to effectively capture and remove harmful fumes, our selection ensures optimal air quality in diverse industrial and commercial settings. Partnering with leading manufacturers such as BOFA, we bring you top-of-the-line solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At ConRo Electronics, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy working environment. With robust filtration mechanisms, including activated carbon and HEPA systems, our systems efficiently trap particulates, guaranteeing cleaner air and a hazard-free workspace. Browse our selection today and discover the perfect fume extraction system for your business.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for BOFA.

Explore our range of accessories tailored to meet diverse industry requirements:

  • Fume cabinets: Designed for single-user workstations, these extraction systems feature a strategically designed hood or enclosure that effectively captures fumes at the source. A series of integrated vents and filters swiftly extract the contaminants, preventing them from reaching the operator’s breathing zone.
  • Arm extraction units: Versatile and adaptable, arm extraction units are equipped with flexible arms that efficiently capture fumes and dust right from their origin. Ideal for diverse workspaces, these units offer the advantage of lightweight construction and easy manoeuvrability, making them suitable for various applications and confined working areas.
  • Digital fume extraction systems: Powerful and efficient units designed to extract fumes generated during various industrial processes, such as soldering, laser marking, and 3D printing. With electronic flow control mechanisms maintaining a consistent extraction rate, these systems ensure continuous purification of the air.
  • Filters: High-quality filters and pre-filters engineered to trap and remove contaminants, ensuring clean and safe air circulation within your workspace.


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