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Fume Cabinets

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Fume cabinets (also known as fume hoods and cowl fume extractors) are fume extraction systems designed for single-user workstations. They are used to filtrate toxic fumes and dust particles before they can be inhaled by the operator.

Fume cabinets are typically used in industrial and laboratory settings. By limiting exposure to hazardous fumes, they help make workspaces healthier and safer.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of fume cabinets from major manufacturers such as BOFA.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for BOFA.

Fume cabinets are typically lined with stainless steel or another corrosion-resistant material. They have a series of vents and filters that work together to remove contaminants from the air. Fume cabinets can be ducted or recirculated. Both follow the same principle: polluted air is drawn into the cabinet from the front, and either expelled outside or filtered and recirculated back into the workspace. Most fume cabinets are equipped with a control panel to regulate the airflow.

Fume cabinets usually provide full enclosure. Smaller, versatile cabinets are also available, providing the advantage of being easily movable between workbenches. Fully enclosed fume cabinets are often poorly illuminated by general room lighting: because of this, many are equipped with internal LED lights and optional UV lighting.

Fume cabinets are most commonly used in laboratories. They can be found in any setting where there is a need to protect workers from exposure to hazardous fumes, dust and aerosols. These include:

  • Education science laboratories
  • Medical research laboratories
  • Automotive and aerospace research
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Gluing and painting

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