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Fume Extraction System with Cabinet

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Discover the pinnacle of safety and efficiency with ConRo Electronics’ collection of fume extraction systems with cabinet, featuring cutting-edge solutions from BOFA, a renowned leader in industrial fume extraction systems. Whether you require a dual-arm extraction unit or a high-airflow, centralised fume extraction system, our range encompasses top-tier products tailored to diverse workspace needs.

At ConRo Electronics, we recognise the paramount importance of prioritising safety in industrial settings. BOFA’s extraction units are engineered to combat the hazardous fumes generated during hand soldering tasks. Offering portability and versatility, these systems can be effortlessly configured to accommodate different factory layouts. With their low noise level and comprehensive filtration capabilities, BOFA’s units are the state of the art in industrial fume extraction.

In compliance with the HSG258 code of practice, BOFA’s fume cabinets are designed to provide operators with optimum protection against fumes generated from various processes, including hand soldering and solvent use. Employers can confidently navigate regulatory requirements with these purpose-built fume cabinets, ensuring a safer and healthier workplace environment.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for BOFA.

Discover the advantages of our BOFA fume extraction systems, crafted with cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise:

  • Safeguarding operator health by swiftly capturing and filtering harmful fumes at their source
  • Enhancing workplace safety and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Maintaining air quality for a healthier working environment
  • Adaptable configurations suitable for various applications and workspaces
  • Easy installation and manouverability for easy integration into existing setups

£1,198.95 ex.VAT (£1,438.74 inc.VAT)
£1,198.95 ex.VAT (£1,438.74 inc.VAT)
£2,193.05 ex.VAT (£2,631.66 inc.VAT)


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