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Cleaning wipes are disposable, high-performance cleaning solutions designed for use in industrial production, manufacturing, and maintenance. They are made from a range of different materials to suit different applications and they can contain cleaning agents, disinfectants or antibacterial agents. Whether for immediate clean-up or regular maintenance, cleaning wipes offer a quick and easy solution.

Our collection of cleaning wipes is meticulously selected to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings. Crafted with performance and versatility in mind, these wipes excel in removing dirt, grease, adhesive and other contaminants, helping you maintain a pristine working environment. All our products are sourced from leading manufacturers such as Ambersil and Surclean and meet the highest industry standards.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Ambersil and Surclean.

At ConRo Electronics, we understand that every application has unique cleaning needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of industrial wipes to choose from.

  • Tough wipes: These cleaning wipes are designed to provide the optimum balance of attributes such as high absorbency, toughness, low particle generation and abrasive characteristics. They are used to remove tough contamination from hands, tools and surfaces.
  • Hand and tool wipes: These wipes are used to clean light to medium grime from hands, tools and equipment. They contain effective cleaning agents that are gentle to the hands. The cleaner evaporates quickly, leaving no residue.
  • Engineer’s wipes: These lint free, dry wipes are designed for the general cleaning and drying of a wide range of surfaces. They can be used with most solvents, cleaners and lubricants. Lint free engineer’s wipes are ideal for use on delicate surfaces, such as monitors and touch screens.
  • Pre-wipes: These lint free wipes are used to clean and prepare metal surfaces before coating and painting. They prevent corrosion and promote better adhesion of paint and sealing materials.

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