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Convection Rework Accessories

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Welcome to ConRo Electronics’ selection of Convection Rework Accessories, designed to cater to the needs of surface mount electronics. Each year, thousands of surface mount boards undergo reworking to rectify soldering defects and address faulty or misplaced components. Convection reworking techniques for component removal and surface preparation are based on using precision tools to heat solder joints in the rework areas.

In the complex landscape of convection reworking, ConRo Electronics stands as your trusted partner, offering a range of accessories for convection systems. Our selection of convection rework accessories, including a variety of specialised nozzles and essential replacement parts, ensures seamless operation and precise results in every board reworking endeavour.

As proud partners with Metcal, a leading manufacturer in the industry, ConRo Electronics brings you products renowned for their superior quality and performance. With Metcal’s expertise complementing our range, you can rest assured that every accessory you acquire is crafted to uphold the highest standards of precision and reliability.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Metcal.

Explore our range of convection rework accessories, including:

  • Nozzles: We offer an array of specialised nozzles, designed to cater to various reworking needs. Whether you require precision-focused nozzles for intricate tasks or broader ones for larger component removal, our selection offers versatility to meet your specific requirements.
  • Replacement parts: Ensure uninterrupted operation of your convection rework systems with high-quality replacement parts for crucial components. From heater elements to collet kit replacements, ConRo Electronics provides reliable solutions to keep your rework processes running smoothly.

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