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Fume Extraction Systems And Accessories

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Maintain a safe working environment with ConRo Electronics’ extensive range of fume extraction systems and accessories. Our products ensure that soldering professionals, hobbyists, and industrial users can work with peace of mind, knowing that harmful fumes are efficiently extracted from their workspace. Our catalogue includes an array of solutions designed to tackle soldering fumes effectively, including compact single-user extraction systems and two-station arm extraction systems for industrial settings.

In addition to our extraction systems, we offer a variety of essential accessories to complement your setup. From high-quality main filters to pre-filters and cleaning brushes, our accessories are crafted to meet the highest standards. With products from renowned manufacturers such as Metcal, customers can expect superior performance and reliability, backed by years of expertise and excellence.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Metcal.

Explore our range of soldering fume extraction systems and accessories:

  • Single-user extraction units: Designed for individual workstations, these extraction systems are mounted directly onto the workbench, capturing soldering fumes at their source. Integrated vents and filters efficiently extract contaminants, preventing them from reaching the operator’s breathing space.
  • Arm extraction units: Versatility meets efficiency with these extraction units, equipped with powerful filters and flexible arms adept at capturing soldering fumes at their origin. Lightweight and maneuverable, these units can serve two operators at the same time and are ideal for confined areas. Their portability allows them to be positioned under or beside the bench-top.
  • Filters: High-quality filters and pre-filters designed to trap and remove contaminants, ensuring clean and safe air circulation within your workspace.
  • Brushes: Ensure the upkeep of your extraction system with our brass tube cleaning brushes. Designed specifically for this purpose, these brushes feature brass bristles suitable for use in potentially flammable environments where non-sparking tools are essential.

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