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Hot Air Rework Systems

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Hot air rework systems use a stream of hot air to quickly heat the PCB area. Typically, they employ a pump to circulate fresh air over a heating coil. The air is then directed by nozzles of varying sizes.

Hot air systems allow to easily solder and de-solder PCB components. They are also used for applications like preheating, lacquer removal, and heat shrinking.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of hot air rework systems from major manufacturers such as Metcal.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Metcal.

  • Display: Most hot air systems have a digital display showing both air temperature and air flow level.
  • Air flow and temperature control: Knobs or button allow to regulate temperature and air flow. Most rework systems provide a temperature range of about 100°C – 500°C.
  • Nozzles: It is useful to have an air rework system with interchangeable tips. A small nozzle focuses the air on small-sized components. A large one allows to evenly heat a wide area of the board.
  • Safety features. These include automatic switch-off when the air gun is placed on the holder and password protection.

After choosing and mounting the right nozzle, switch the system on. Wait for the air to become hot, then adjust flow and temperature.

When ready, aim the hot air flow at the working area. Move the nozzle back and forth until the solder melts. Be careful not to touch the surface with the tip. Keep moving the nozzle, to avoid directing excessive heat onto the PCB.

After melting the solder, position (or remove) the component on the PCB. Use a pair of tweezers.

When finished, switch the air rework system off. This will turn on cooling of the heater and nozzle. The device will take a few minutes to cool down.

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