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Soldering & Rework Systems

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Soldering & rework systems are multipurpose devices for soldering, de-soldering and reworking. They include a number of accessories, to make any task easier and safer. Accessories can include interchangeable hand pieces, a cleaning sponge and a safe stand for the iron.

Reworking tasks need heat to be completed. Soldering & rework systems generate the hot air temperatures necessary to melt solder and perform repairs.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of soldering & rework systems from major manufacturers such as Metcal.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Metcal.

Main accessories included in soldering & rework systems

  • Air flow regulation: A dial allows the operator to adjust the rate of hot air flowing from the hand tool.
  • Temperature control:The main feature of a soldering & rework system. It allows operators to adjust the temperature at any time. Most rework systems provide a temperature range of about 100°C – 500°C.
  • Hot air gun:The handheld tool used to apply heat to metal solder. The heat softens or melts it enough to perform reworks and repairs.
  • Nozzles: It is useful to have an air rework system with interchangeable tips. A small nozzle focuses the air on small-sized components. A large one allows to evenly heat a wide area of the board.
  • Multiple hand pieces: For increased versatility. Designs include pencil grip and pistol style. Interchangeable soldering tips further increase flexibility.
  • Cleaning sponge: A small sponge to wipe the soldering iron on. It will keep the iron tip clean by removing solder and flux residue.
  • Hand piece holder:A convenient place to keep the hand piece when it’s not in use. Reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Tweezers: To pick up small components without touching them.
  • Dual outputs: Allow for use of two hand pieces at the same time.

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