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PS Solder Accessories

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Welcome to ConRo Electronics’ comprehensive collection of PS Solder Accessories, specifically curated for the Metcal PS series. This category includes a wide array of premium soldering accessories designed to enhance your soldering efficiency and precision. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, our selection ensures that you have the right tools to achieve optimal results in every project.

At ConRo Electronics, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient tools. Our PS soldering accessories are crafted by industry-leading manufacturer Metcal to guarantee top-notch quality and performance. Each product is selected to provide you with the utmost convenience and effectiveness. Trust us to supply you with the essential tools that keep your soldering equipment in pristine condition and your projects on track.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Metcal.

Our catalogue features an extensive selection of Metcal products, each designed to complement the PS series.

  • Coil assemblies: High-quality hand pieces with coil assemblies, engineered for use with PS soldering systems. These assemblies are crucial for maintaining consistent heat delivery and precise soldering, ensuring your tasks are completed with professional accuracy.
  • Sponges: To be used with workstations and tool stands, sponges are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and effectiveness of your soldering tips.
  • Brass pads: These pads are made from soft, coiled, durable brass. They are ideal for removing residues from your soldering tips, while decreasing the potential for tip contaminants.
  • Workstands: Metcal workstands provide secure and convenient storage for your soldering iron when not in use, enhancing safety and organisation at your workstation.

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