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Jewellery Making Materials

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Casting grain is the foundation of jewellery artistry, embodying the transformative journey from raw metal to jewellery piece. The colour and finish of the final piece are heavily influenced by the choice of casting grain alloy. From the warmth of pink gold to the intensity of red gold, each alloy lends its own unique character.

Elevate your craftsmanship with ConRo Electronics’ selection of gold casting grain, curated for discerning jewellery makers. Our range of gold grain by Indium ensures unparalleled quality and versatility for your creative endeavours. Our selection features 24 karat gold and an array of expertly formulated alloys, including pink, purple, and red gold, each presented in convenient 5 gram jars. Indium Corporation stands at the forefront of excellence, dedicated to furnishing artisans with superior materials for their craft.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Indium.

  • Gold grain 99.99%: Indium’s pure and flawless 24k gold grain ensures excellent reliability and repeatability in the jewellery making process.
  • Pink gold: Infused with warmth, pink gold offers a subtle rosy hue and a vintage look. A 75% gold, 20% copper, 5% silver alloy, rose gold is extensively used to craft fine jewellery for women.
  • Purple gold: Experience the allure of rarity with purple gold, a 82% gold, 18% indium With its violet sheen, purple gold is often used more like a gemstone than a metal, enhancing the aesthetics of a piece of jewellery by being set inside white or yellow gold.
  • Red gold: Rich and regal, red gold commands attention with its intense colour. A 75% gold, 25% copper alloy, red gold is a durable, strong material. It enables the creation of unique jewellery that always stands out.

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