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Solder Bar & Pellets

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Welcome to the Solder Bars & Pellets category at ConRo Electronics, where you will find premium soldering solutions from renowned manufacturers DKL Metals and MBO. Our products are essential for any professional looking to achieve flawless results in their soldering projects. The DKL Solder Bar and MBO Solder Pellets are designed to minimise defects such as bridges, flags, and spikes, ensuring clean and reliable connections every time. Their high purity and precise formulation guarantee that your soldering projects will be completed to the highest standards.

Whether you’re engaged in wave soldering, flow soldering, or any other soldering process, our solder bars and pellets are your go-to solutions for exceptional results. Choose ConRo Electronics for all your soldering needs and ensure your projects are completed with precision and quality.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for DKL and MBO.

In this category you will find products such as:

  • DKL Metals Solder Bar Sn63Pb37: This high-quality solder bar, composed of a Sn63/Pb37 eutectic alloy, has a melting point of 183°C. Ideal for wave soldering and plating, it offers excellent corrosion protection and serves as a reliable base for soldering applications. This tin/lead solder alloy is designed to support industries that are still exempt from the RoHS Directive.
  • MBO CLEANALLOY Solder Pellets Sn63Pb37: Engineered for flow soldering printed circuit boards, this solder pellet is made from exceptionally pure, virgin metals and smelted under a nitrogen atmosphere. The process minimises the formation of superficial oxides, ensuring the solder remains bright and defect-free. CLEANALLOY pellets deliver remarkable performance in both nitrogen-blanketed and conventional open atmosphere flow solder machines.

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