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Solder Preforms

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Solder preforms are manufactured shapes of solid solder. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each preform delivers an exact amount of solder to a joint. Because of this, they are ideal for precision applications. They can be used on their own or in combination with solder paste.

Solder preforms are available in different alloys. Melting points range from about 50°C to over 1000°C. Common shapes are washers, discs, squares, rectangles, and frames. Preforms can be flux-coated or cored. Fluxed preforms leave behind little to no residue.

Preforms are used across a wide range of industries. Each preform type will be best suited to specific applications.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of solder preforms from major manufacturers such as Indium.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Indium.

Solder preforms come in a variety of packaging options. They are usually bulk packed. They may be placed on tape, reel or tray, for automated applications. Preforms can be layered and pressed together. Tight packing will maintain integrity during shipping and handling.

Preforms should be packaged according to the quantity used during a typical work shift. This will avoid needless handling, exposure to air and oxidation. The shelf life of solder preforms depends on alloy composition. We recommend to store preforms in dry areas and at temperatures lower than 22°C.

  • Delivering a consistent amount of solder to a specific location.
  • Increased assembly efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced production costs.
  • Streamlining of inspection and clean-up processes.
  • Ideal to solder hard to reach joints.
  • Reduced spillage and inconsistencies in solder delivery.
  • Increased accuracy compared with hand soldering.
  • Ideal for miniaturised components.

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