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Solder Ribbon

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Solder ribbon is a type of solder that can be cut into desired shapes and lengths just before installation. It is available in many standard alloys and sizes. Width usually ranges between 0.5 mm and 76mm. It can be as thin as 0.025mm. The ribbon is wound around a spool.

Solder alloys can be leaded or lead-free. Common materials include tin, gold, silver, copper, bismuth and indium. Lead-free alloys possess higher melting points. Different alloys will require the use of compatible fluxes during the soldering process.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of solder ribbon from major manufacturers such as Indium.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Indium.

The shelf life of solder ribbon varies. It is mainly dependent on the alloy composition. Lead-free alloys can be safely stored for one year after the date of manufacture. The same applies to alloys with lead content of less than 70%. Alloys with lead content above 70% have a shelf life limited to six months.

It should be stored in the original container, tightly closed. Ideal conditions are humidity of 55%RH or less and temperature below 22°C. Solder ribbon can also be stored in an inert atmosphere, such as a nitrogen dry box unit.

Solder ribbon shares many of the advantages provided by solder preforms, including:

  • Delivering a consistent amount of solder to a specific location.
  • Increased assembly efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced production costs.
  • Streamlining of inspection and clean-up processes.
  • Ideal to solder hard to reach joints.
  • Reduced spillage and inconsistencies in solder delivery.
  • Increased accuracy.

Solder is available in many standard alloys and sizes. Material can also be custom made to your unique material and dimensional requirements.


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