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Solid Solder Wire

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Solder wire is made from metal alloys with a low melting point. It is used to create permanent bonds between metal components. Solder wire is melted in order to wet the parts of the joint. The solder then cools down and connects the parts.

Solid solder wire does not have a hollow core filled with flux. This means flux has to be applied separately. Solid solder wire is available in both leaded and lead-free varieties. It comes in a wide range of alloys and diameters. The wire is wrapped around a spool.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of solid solder wire from major manufacturers such as Indium.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Indium.

Traditional solder wire is made of a lead-tin alloy. For years, this mixture has been the standard used across the electronics industry. Lead-tin solder wire has a low melting point (183°C). It is easy to work with, flows well and creates strong joints.

In the recent past, the awareness about the health and environmental effects of lead has increased. Lead-free solder wire has become a viable alternative. Many different alloys are available. These solder wires have distinct properties, most notably a higher melting point.

Solid solder wire and flux-cored wire have different properties. Neither one is superior to the other. Choosing between the two types of wire depends on the application.

For instance, solid wire produces cleaner joints when used to weld thin materials. Flux-cored wire is more reliable when welding outdoors and in windy conditions. The type of equipment available is also a factor when choosing between solid and flux-cored wire.

In electronics, the use of flux-cored solder wire is generally recommended. A possible exception is when a very specific flux is required that is not available as a solder wire core. When solid wire is used, flux can be added by brush, bottle dispenser or pen dispenser.

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