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Static Control Products

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a swift flow of current between two close objects. ESD is often caused by a buildup of static electricity. This phenomenon can cause significant damage to electronics. Static control supplies offer a number of ways to prevent ESD.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of static control supplies from major manufacturers such as Bondline, 3M and Brady.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Bondline.

Static control supplies are used to control, reduce or eliminate the buildup of static electricity. They should be employed throughout the manufacturing, testing, shipping, and handling processes.

A wide range of static control supplies is available:

  • ESD bags and packaging. Designed to reduce or dissipate the buildup of static during storage and shipping of electronics. Best used in combination with ESD tape.
  • ESD clothing, gloves, heel straps and overshoes. Worn to disperse electrical charges into the ground. Best used in combination with grounding straps and/or floor mats.
  • ESD straps and cords. Attached to the wrist, they allow to bond an operator to the ground through a cord. Static is discharged at an earth bonding point.
  • ESD mats. Antistatic, designed to discharge electricity to the ground. They are used to cover a work bench or the floor.
  • ESD hand tools. Including cutters, pliers and tweezers. These tools are insulated and designed to reduce the effects of static.
  • ESD spray cleaners and lotions. Used to remove contaminants and excess static charge.
  • ESD swabs. Used for precision cleaning or application. They do not generate static.
  • Ionizers. These devices provide complete static elimination. They work by flooding the air with ions. The ions attach themselves to a charged surface, neutralising the charge.
  • Monitoring equipment. Devices capable of detecting and measuring ESD events.
  • ESD signs and labels. Used to make workers aware of the dangers posed by ESD. They can signal ESD control areas.


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