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ESD Bags and Packaging

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ESD packaging is used for the shipping of electronic components and devices. It prevents static electricity from damaging the items during transit. It also improves its protection against physical damage.

Conro Electronics offers a wide choice of ESD bags and packaging.

ConRo Electronics  is an authorised distributor for Bondline.

ESD (electrostatic discharge) is the movement of charged particles from one object to another. It happens upon the contact between two objects. Multiple factors can cause static electricity. These factors include: other devices, friction or weather conditions.

Without proper safeguarding, electrical charges can ruin electronic goods. Even minor charges pose this risk. Operators and manufacturers of electronics must use the correct packaging materials to avoid this problem.

In addition to electronic equipment, flammable materials must be safeguarded against static charges. To fail to protect these materials can be dangerous, and it can lead to fires and explosions.

There are three primary types of ESD packaging used to reduce the buildup of electrical charges.

  • Conductive: directs any electric charges away from the object. Electrostatic charges are removed to the ground when the packaging is grounded.
  • Dissipative: slows the flow of electricity, reducing the strength of an electrical charge.
  • Anti-static: prevents the buildup of static electricity in the first place.

ESD bags and packaging should not be disposed of or recycled with standard plastics. They can be disposed as general waste. However, they may take a long time to biodegrade.

The most effective method of disposal is through an industrial composting system. Contact your local authority for more information on composting services.

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