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ESD Grounding Accessories

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When handling components that are vulnerable to electrostatic discharge (ESD), such as circuit boards and integrated circuits, it’s imperative to implement protective measures. ConRo Electronics proudly presents an array of ESD Grounding Accessories, created to fortify your Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) and help shield your delicate components from the perils of static electricity. Accessories include bonding point plugs, ESD mats, sticky mats, ESD document holders and pens, and more.

Wearing ESD protective equipment is essential, but it’s equally important to ensure effective grounding. ESD bonding points and ESD grounding mats provide a convenient and secure method for operators to ground electric charges, thereby reducing the risk of static discharge and protecting sensitive electronic equipment. Partnering with Bondline, a distinguished manufacturer renowned for quality and reliability, ConRo Electronics brings you a selection of tools designed to meet your ESD grounding needs.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Bondline.

Our range of ESD grounding accessories includes a variety of specialized products, including, but not limited to:

  • ESD Bonding Points: Serving as pivotal nodes in your EPA, ESD bonding points are inserted into plugs or mains to facilitate the grounding of electric charges, safeguarding against potentially damaging electrostatic discharge.
  • Grounding Plugs: Ensure a reliable grounding path with our range of grounding plugs, designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure and facilitate safe dissipation of electrostatic charges.
  • ESD Mats: Crafted from durable rubber, our ESD mats provide a comfortable support for prolonged standing, offering both ESD protection and anti-fatigue benefits.
  • Contamination Control Sticky Mats: Effectively mitigate the risk of contamination with these anti-microbial contamination control sticky mats. Designed to trap dirt and dust particles, these mats offer an economical and efficient solution to maintaining cleanliness in your workspace.

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