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Welcome to ConRo Electronics’ tape category. Our wide-ranging selection ensures that whether you’re an engineer, craftsman, or DIY enthusiast, you’ll find quality solutions for every task. With offerings from leading manufacturers like 3M, HumiSeal, and Henkel, you can trust in the reliability of every product.

Whether you’re in need of Teroson duct tape for heavy-duty fixing and repairing, Loctite electrical tape for wiring projects, or masking tape for conformal coating jobs, our comprehensive range has you covered. With seamless ordering and swift delivery, ConRo Electronics makes it easy to access the finest tapes on the market. Explore our tape collection and experience the difference that top-tier products can make.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for 3M, Humiseal and Henkel.

In this category, you’ll find an array of tapes tailored to suit diverse applications.

  • Aluminium foil tapes: Extremely durable metal-foil backing adhesive tapes, designed for sealing, grounding, shielding, and resistance applications.
  • Duct tapes: Renowned for their strength and durability, these multi-layer tapes are perfect for a multitude of tasks.
  • Electrical tapes: Resistant to heat, water and chemical damage, these tapes are essential for electrical insulation, colour-coding, and bundling wires.
  • Masking tapes: Versatile and easily removable, ideal to mask off surfaces that should not be painted or coated.
  • Reinforced fiber tapes: Engineered for heavy-duty tasks like tank and pipe repair, these tapes offer high strength, corrosion protection and chemical resistance.
  • Sealing tapes: These tapes ensure outstanding adhesive strength and watertight sealing, making them perfect for construction and automotive applications.
  • Self amalgamating tapes: Rubber- or silicon-based, these tapes fuse to themselves when stretched and wrapped around an object. This creates a strong, waterproof, and airtight seal that can withstand extreme temperatures and chemical exposure.


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