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Wave & Selective Soldering

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Welcome to ConRo Electronics, your trusted destination for cutting-edge solutions in wave soldering and selective soldering processes. Our comprehensive range of specialised instrumentation, presented under the “Wave & Selective Soldering” category, is designed to meet the exacting standards of modern manufacturing.

In response to the increasing need for manufacturers to carefully monitor soldering processes, ConRo Electronics proudly offers SolderStar‘s innovative range of tools. These unique measurement fixtures incorporate titanium contact sensors on the underside, capturing precise wave parameter data as it moves through the solder wave. This includes accurate measurements of wave heights, ensuring the utmost precision in your soldering processes.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for SolderStar.

Convenience meets efficiency with our instrumentation. All key process parameters are captured in a single pass through the machine. The data can be effortlessly downloaded via USB or wireless interface, ready for analysis on the engineer’s computer. The Process Checker function facilitates quick and easy analysis, showcasing good/bad limits. This allows periodic process verification without the need for specialized knowledge, streamlining your quality control processes.

  • Comprehensive parameter measurement with a single pass through the machine.
  • Titanium contact sensors for high measurement accuracy on Wave Height, Main, and Chip wave parameters.
  • Pre-heat and solder pot temperature measurement sensors for a thorough understanding of your soldering environment.
  • High-quality 10mm fixtures providing a robust platform for daily production testing.
  • Custom widths and sensor positions available for fixed width production lines or special applications.
  • Dedicated analysis software, featuring an integrated SPC charting package for in-depth insights.


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