Conro Electronics stock an extensive / varied range of products available for next day and same day delivery. Our supply range exceeds 5,000 parts.

Stock Management:

We currently manage stock requirements for customers who purchase in excess of 500 line items. By doing this we help our customers to reduce their stock holding, reduce time spent sourcing products and reduce their vendor list. Most importantly for our customers, by Conro managing their stock we help to eradicate shortages and line stops. Conro also manages call-off and scheduled orders.

Shelf life management:

Conro have extensive experience in managing shelf life products to ensure that customers receive optimum life and where a customer has a specific requirement, we can also work with them to ensure this is met.

Manufacturers batch traceability:

All batch-controlled goods have full batch traceability back to the source of manufacture. We store all CofC’s / CofA’s and relevant documentation electronically an indefinite period and all paper copies are held for 7 years.

Counterfeit materials:

To eliminate counterfeit materials entering the market Conro has an approved vendor list that we audit and monitor closely. All goods are purchased direct from manufacturers of their authorised sources.

Stocked Brands:

Stocked Materials

Adhesives are used for bonding a variety of materials. Adhesive products can be manufactured from a range of substances, with each having different properties. Many are used to bond specific materials.

Anti-static packaging comes in various forms and is used for shipping sensitive electronic components and devices.

Antistat static control products and tools are design to prevent damage caused by ESD.

Conro Electronics offers a wide range of dispensing equipment from leading brands including Metcal and Nordson.
We stock a wide range of P series needles, TE series needles, TT series needles and dispenser finger switches.

Fume extractors are used to extract and filtrate toxic fumes and dust from work environments. Such systems performance is under close regulation by laws regarding workspaces.

Conro Electronics offers a wide choice of lubricants from major manufacturers, such as Loctite, Teroson and Ambersil.

Sealants are used to prevent liquid and gas leaks. We supply a wide variety of sealants for industry, maintenance, construction and civil engineering.

Temperature profiling is the term used to describe the process of recording and interpreting the temperatures of products and/or air through a conveyorized heat-treating process. Temperature data is measured continuously using thermocouples connected directly to the product(s) at different locations as it travels through the oven or furnace.

Conor Electronics offers a wide range of electronics cleaners used for cleaning and removing grease, oil, dust or flux from delicate electronic assemblies.

A conformal coating is a thin film which “conforms” to a printed circuit board (PCB). It provides electrical insulation and protection from external conditions. Silicone, acrylic, urethane or epoxy are common materials for conformal coatings.

Most soldering stations have temperature control and are mostly used in electronics PCB assembly and manufacturing units. They are also used for mass repairing of circuit boards.

Soldering flux is a chemical cleaning agent used in the soldering process. It is especially useful in automated PCB assembly and hand soldering. Its purpose is to remove oxides and impurities from surfaces before soldering. Flux also acts as an oxygen barrier, preventing subsequent oxidation of the surface.

We offer a wide range of PPE and Sanitising Equipment. Our range includes face masks, ear plugs, gloves, surface sanitisers, hand sanitisers & cleaning wipes.

Products include film tapes, glass cloth tapes, self-adhesive tapes, vinyl tapes and polyurethane tapes to name a small selection.

Soldering is a process that creates electrical, mechanical, or thermal bonds using heat, filler material, and flux.

UV curing adhesives, also known as light curing adhesive, use UV light or other radiation sources to initiate the curing process.