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Guide to Choosing the Best Super Glue

Super glue, a household name for cyanoacrylate adhesive, is an incredibly useful solution for a wide range of applications, from quick household fixes to industrial manufacturing. However, choosing the right super glue can be daunting, due to the myriad of options available. This guide aims to simplify this process by providing detailed information on selecting the best super glue for your specific needs.


What is Super Glue?

Super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate adhesive, is a fast-bonding, high-strength adhesive that can bond practically every type of material. It works by reacting with moisture to form a tight, durable bond, making it ideal for quick fixes and long-lasting repairs. Brands like Loctite offer a range of super glues tailored to different requirements, ensuring you can always find the right adhesive for the job. While all super glues share the same basic chemistry, different formulations ensure the adhesive can provide an effective bond on different materials and in different conditions.


How to Choose the Right Super Glue


Material Compatibility

The first consideration when choosing a super glue is the material you are bonding. Different formulations are designed to work best with specific materials:

  • Plastic and rubber: Cyanoacrylates such as Loctite 406 are designed to provide strong adhesion with hard-to-bond materials such as plastics and rubbers. When combined with primers like Loctite SF 700, these glues are effective even on the most challenging plastics.
  • Metal: When working with metal, a heavy-duty super glue effective on non-porous materials, such as Loctite Ultra Liquid Control, provides a robust bond that resists moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • Porous materials: A super glue like Loctite 4851 is particularly suited for bonding porous or absorbent substrates such as paper, leather and fabrics.


Viscosity refers to the thickness of the glue and its ability to flow. Super glues come in various viscosities to suit different applications:

  • Thin: Low-viscosity super glues penetrate cracks and are ideal for tight-fitting parts. They dry quickly and are great for small, precise repairs.
  • Medium: This all-purpose viscosity balances penetration and gap-filling capabilities, making it suitable for most general repairs.
  • Thick: High-viscosity super glues, like Loctite 416, are perfect for vertical applications where run-off would be problematic.

Environment and Conditions

Some super glues are specially created to withstand challenging environments and conditions:

  • High toughness: For applications exposed to impact, vibration, peel and/or shear forces, choose a toughened super glue made to provide superior resistance and adhesive strength. Examples include rubber-toughened Loctite 380 and impact-resistant Loctite 435.
  • High flexibility: Flexible super glues such as Loctite 4861 are used when it’s necessary to maintain elasticity at the bondline.
  • Light curing: These instant adhesives offer a two-step curing process. Initially, they cure using light energy, followed by curing through surface moisture, enabling tacking in as little as two seconds. This dual mechanism provides a versatile and efficient bonding solution for high-speed assembly.
  • Temperature Resistance: If the bond will be exposed to high temperatures, choose a super glue with high thermal resistance such as Loctite 407.
  • Low odour/low bloom: Low odour, low bloom cyanoacrylates like Loctite 455 are designed to minimise unpleasant fumes and reduce the dusty residue often seen around bonded areas. They are ideal for applications where appearance and/or lack of odours is critical.


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