Humiseal Packaging Update

New polymer container

After extensive testing, Humiseal will be adding more products to the new 5 litre multi-layer co-extruded polymer container. The new polymer container has many distinct advantages over the previous container, such as improved product stability in storage, improved mechanical and environmental resilience, less likely to damage in transit and it will not oxidise in high humidity environments.

The main advantages of the new packaging:

  • No rust
  • No damage or dents
  • No tools needed to open or close
  • Higher yield, reduced waste due to the advanced design
  • Easy pour and anti-glug feature
  • Reduce VOC emissions – lower permeability
  • Reduction in package weight lowering shipping costs

Please see official notification from Humiseal for full details:

*Please note, during the transitional period, shipment of mixed packaging can be expected.

Products transitioning with immediate effect:

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