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Founded over 60 years ago HumiSeal is one of the original creators in conformal coatings and Conro Electronics is proud to have been Humiseal’s exclusive Channel Partner and Stocking Distributor in the UK since 2013.

Generally, there are two usual conformal coating standards which apply to circulated qualified product list, the MIL-I-46058C and UL746E. These standards test products rigorously to assure that they are safe as well as high quality.



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The original creator and innovator in conformal coatings

HumiSeal products enable customers to protect their electronic devices in a variety of operating environments and they produce conformal coatings from all chemistries, including acrylics, urethanes and silicones, both water based and UV curable. HumiSeal’s products are widely used across the Aerospace & Defence, automotive, industrial industries amongst many more.

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