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Loctite threadlocker colors

Loctite threadlockers are single-component liquid adhesives designed to secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners against vibration and shock. These anaerobic adhesives cure in the absence of air, forming a strong thermoset plastic that locks threads and joints firmly in place. In addition to preventing loosening, Loctite threadlockers help reduce the effects of corrosion in threaded components and prevent leaks in assemblies. By using Loctite threadlockers, you can significantly reduce the risk of costly failures, repairs, maintenance, and downtime.

Loctite threadlockers are available in various colours, each with distinct characteristics tailored for specific applications. To help you choose the right threadlocker for your needs, we will explore the features and ideal uses for Loctite threadlocker red, Loctite threadlocker green, Loctite threadlocker blue, and Loctite threadlocker purple.


Loctite Threadlocker Red

Loctite red is a high strength threadlocker that provides permanent adhesion. This threadlocker is designed for applications where fasteners are exposed to high vibration and must remain securely in place over time. Given its formidable bonding power, Loctite threadlocker red is ideal for medium to large fasteners used in engines and heavy machinery components.

One crucial aspect to consider is that Loctite threadlocker red is intended for permanent applications. Disassembly is challenging and typically requires the use of localized heat in combination with hand tools. Components should be heated to around 250°C before attempting removal, making it unsuitable for assemblies that may need to be disassembled regularly.

Common Loctite threadlocker red versions are: Loctite 262, Loctite 268, Loctite 271, and Loctite 272.


Loctite Threadlocker Green

Loctite threadlocker green also offers high strength but is specifically formulated as a wicking grade compound. The low viscosity of Loctite threadlocker green allows it to penetrate and wick into threads, making it ideal for post-assembly application without disassembling the parts.

Like its red counterpart, Loctite threadlocker green is designed for permanent adhesion in high vibration environments. It works effectively on small to medium fasteners. Removal can be complex and usually requires localized heat, making it a choice for applications where disassembly is not expected.

Common Loctite threadlocker green versions are: Loctite 270 and Loctite 290.


Loctite Threadlocker Blue

For applications where fasteners need to remain secure but may require future disassembly, Loctite threadlocker blue is the optimal choice. This medium strength threadlocker provides reliable holding power while allowing removal with standard hand tools. It is suitable for medium to large fasteners, commonly used in small motors, mowers and power equipment.

Loctite threadlocker blue strikes a balance between security and flexibility. It ensures components do not come loose under normal operating conditions but can be easily disassembled when necessary. This makes it an excellent choice for maintenance and repair tasks where future access is required.

Common Loctite threadlocker blue versions are: Loctite 242, Loctite 243, and Loctite 248.


Loctite Threadlocker Purple

Loctite threadlocker purple offers low strength adhesion, making it ideal for applications where subsequent disassembly is expected. This threadlocker is perfect for non-crucial components that need to be secured but can be easily removed without special tools. It is often used for small screws in electronics or vibrating assemblies such as pumps or gear boxes.

The primary advantage of Loctite threadlocker purple is its ease of removal. Fasteners treated with this threadlocker can be taken apart with minimal effort, making it suitable for applications requiring regular adjustments or maintenance.

The most common Loctite threadlocker purple version is Loctite 222.


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