The security industry contributes approximately £6 billion to the economy of the UK. Half a million people are employed in this sector. The industry is focused on national security, the need to guard against crime and the general demand for security products and services. The departure of the UK from the EU has led to new investments in border security. The demand for such services such as training, guarding and risk analysis is also growing.

The industry works closely with the police service. It provides many non-core functions for which police powers are unnecessary. Most of the staff are supplied under contract from specialist companies. UK companies range in size from multi-national corporations to small local service providers.

Security professionals can be involved in numerous duties. These include: providing crime awareness advice, working to reduce vandalism or protecting buildings for clients who contract their services. Another branch of the sector is dedicated to selling, installing or manufacturing digital security technologies.

The leading sub-sectors of the industry are:

Access Control and Identity Management – Offering solutions to counter the threat of identity theft. Biometrics are included in this sub-sector.

Screening and Detection – These technologies are common-place across all modes of transport. They are increasingly being applied for soft target protection, infrastructure security, customs and border management.

Surveillance – A constantly growing sector with a high demand for innovation. Analog CCTV is being replaced by surveillance systems with added functionalities, such as facial recognition and thermal imaging.

The UK Government requires security technology from well-established suppliers. These technologies need to be reliable and be deployed quickly. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the statutory organisation responsible for regulating the private industry.

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