Process for arranging collection:

  • Please contact Conro Electronics with your collection requirements.
  • Conro will then arrange for the dross buckets to be sent to you.
  • Once the customer has received the dross buckets, the dross / waste solder should then be packed into these and ready for collection.
  • Conro will arrange collection for a time / date that suits the customer.

Dross bin Packing requirements:

  • Bucket to not exceed 20kg.
  • Please do not overfill to ensure the lid can clamp on correctly.
  • Ensure the Conro label is stuck to the lid of each sealed container stating the alloy, type of waste and approx. weight (these will be provided with the buckets).

Acceptable materials for recycle:

  • Tin-lead and lead-free soft solder and solder dross containing major components of tin, lead, silver, and copper with virtually any minor metal contaminants
  • Unopened jars of solder paste
  • Other soft solder alloys that contain greater than 1% bismuth, zinc, cadmium, or other metals “may” be acceptable but must be evaluated on a case-bycase basis. If the solder is known to contain these other metals then the solder or dross should be segregated from normal solder and dross.

Waste Carriers License

Conro Electronics and our partners hold all applicable licences enabling us to store and transport waste solder metals and dross. All relevant licences will be provided at each step.

All our goods and services are supplied in accordance with our Aerospace and Defence standard AS-9120B and ISO-9001.