Indium Nanofoil

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Product Description

  • NanoFoil

    As a sacrificial heat source in soldering applications, NanoFoil® eliminates the need for an oven or furnace and is able to bond surfaces that have CTE mismatch. After the reaction, NanoFoil® becomes a non-functional part of the solder joint. NanoFoil® can also be used as a reaction initiator in standard sheet or powder form. NanoFoil® can be produced based on customer specifications, including reaction velocity and output energy. Non-bonding applications can also take advantage of the controlled energy released in the NanoFoil® reaction. The metallic reaction does not require an oxidizer and does not generate gas. This allows NanoFoil® to be used as a primer to initiate secondary reactions. The controlled reaction rate of NanoFoil® can be tailored to a range of design criteria, which is ideal for fuses and delays.

Product Specification

  • Rapid, controlled, locally-applied heat source
  • Instantaneous, flux-free soldering and brazing at room temperature
  • Suitable for use with high-temperature solders or brazes
  • Enables high-strength bonds between most combinations of materials