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SolderStar Deltaprobe

The SolderStar DeltaProbe removes the need to use fragile test boards for periodic profiling required for ongoing control of the reflow process.

With fixed sensors and no test card or long trailing wires, the DeltaProbe is a robust and convenient platform for generating highly repeatable oven measurements.

Although process setup requires a temperature profile captured from a real test PCB, ongoing process monitoring can be achieved by measuring the difference from an established process baseline. Periodically the DeltaProbe is passed through the process to allow oven verification and SPC data to be captured. Process change, due to variations in convection levels, conveyor speed or zone setpoints, are instantly and accurately detected and the operator is notified visually.
Manufacturer: Solderstar

Featuring SolderStar connection System

PC Analysis Software with Tolerance Band Functions

Adjustable fixture with matched oven performance sensors

Reflow Oven Verification and SPC

Integrated SPC tools allow the operator to produce process control charts for ongoing process control measurement, evaluation and corrective action.

A ‘golden profile’ for each process is established in 3 easy steps:

1. The optimum oven settings are first established by product profile capture and simulation

2. The DeltaProbe is then passed through the reflow oven to capture a ‘golden process profile’

3. Tolerance limits can now be set around temperature traces and process parameters

Error Conditions Detected

Incorrect oven profile loading

Unauthorised change of oven profile settings

Conveyor speed errors

Setpoint & convection level errors

Heatshield + Thermocouple Adapter

Material Stainless Steel

Standard Equipment

25mm heatshield
Adjustable Carrier
3 x DeltaProbe Sensors
Tolerance band software

This product can be supplied as a stand-alone system complete with datalogger, or as an accessory to an existing SolderStar system. Please contact SolderStar or your local supplier for the optimum configuration for your soldering processes.

Size (LxWxH)

(L)330mm x (H) 25mm

(W) 120mm upto 450mm

Thermal Protection Duration

Optional Equipment

2.4Ghz Wireless Telemetry






10 15 20 25

0 5

Survival Time - Minutes

Other heatshield sizes are available for special process requirements.

Wireless Telemetry Option

Frequency 2.4GHZ Transceiver

Channels 128 Individual Channels

Protocol Zigbee PRO - Duplex Transmission

Additional Process Support



Language Support

Windows™ XP Vista/Windows 7/8 32 & 64 Bit

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & Chinese


A range of process specific accessories are available to extend the system for

use with Reflow, Wave/Selective Soldering and Vapour Phase processes.



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