Solderstar Solutions for Reflow Soldering

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Product Description

  • Thermal Profiler

    The SolderStar PRO thermal profiler systems include our latest evolution of ultra-compact datalogger featuring the unique SolderStar ‘SmartLink’ connector system.  The datalogger unit is docked into a protective heat shield and thermocouple adapter combination to provide the number of measurement channels required for the product profiling applications. Future upgrading or servicing is a simple and cost effective procedure, with only the Thermocouple Adapter needing to be changed to allow 6,9,12 or 16 Type-K measurement versions.

Product Specification

Size/Weight 125mm x 52mm x 9mm,110g
Channels 6,9,12 or 16 Channel Versions Available
Memory 120,000 Memory Points
Sampling 0.1s to 10 Minutes
Measurement Range -150 to 600 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Resolution ±0.02 °C
Max. Internal Temperature +85 °C (Auto Shutdown on over temp.)
Power Rechargeable High Temperature Nimh
Communications USB (Type A – Mini B) or 2.4Ghz Wireless
Thermocouples Type K, EN 05842:1993
Class 1 / ANSI MC 96.1


Product Description

  • Oven Verification Fixture

    The SolderStar DeltaProbe is periodically passed through the reflow process to allow rapid verification of oven conditions against a stored baseline profile.  Process change, due to variations in convection levels, conveyor speed or zone set-points, are instantly and accurately detected and the operator is notified visually through the PC analysis software.  Integrated SPC tools allow the operator to produce process control charts for ongoing process control measurement, evaluation and corrective action.

Product Specification

Material Stainless Steel Size (LxWxH) (L)330mm x (H) 25mm (W) 120mm upto 450mm


Product Description

  • Realtime / Automatic Profiling System

    The SolderStar APS provides full time process monitoring of the reflow soldering process, the system is capable of recording process conditions and the temperature profile for every electronic assembly that passes through the assembly line.

Product Specification

Measurement Range 150 to 500C

Measurement Accuracy

+/- 1C

Maximum Sampling Frequency

1 per second



Conveyor Speed Accuracy

+/- 1%