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Surclean Ecosolve 200

Ecosolve 200 is a strong solvent blend specified for a wide variety of cleaning applications, including removal of flux and uncured adhesives. it is slower drying and much more powerful than IPA whilst still being safe with almost all plastics, rubbers and elastomers. The longer evaporation time allows sufficient time, if needed, for brush agitation to mobilise and dissolve residues while there is still sufficient liquid cleaning solvent on the work piece. Ecosolve 200 is particularly effective therefore when removal of heavy residue loadings is required, for example rework flux and SMD adhesive.
Manufacturer: Surclean

2. Composition / Information on Ingredients




Risk phases

Methoxy Propanol Isopropanol Proprietary Hydrocarbon solvent

20 - 35

20 - 35

30 - 40







3. Hazards Identification

Irritating to respiratory system if inhaled; possible narcotic effect if OEL is exceeded.
Irritating to skin; degreasing action leading to possible risk of dermatitis. May be absorbed through skin.
Only minimal toxicity if swallowed.

4. First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Move casualty to fresh air and keep at rest.
Skin Contact: Wash off with soap and water. Skin conditioning cream should also be used to prevent any dryness.
Eye Contact: Immediately flush with water for 10 minutes. Ingestion: Give plenty of water to drink.
Medical Notes: If any adverse systems persist seek immediate medical attention.

5. Fire-Fighting Measures

Extinguishing Media: Foam, dry chemicals, CO2, water fog. Do not use: Water in a jet.
Exposure hazards: No known hazardous combustion products. Vapour / air mixture may be explosive.
Protective Measures: Keep fire endangered containers cool with water spray.

6. Accidental Release Measures.

Personal precautions: Refer to section 8; Personal Protection
Environmental precautions: Refer to section 13; Disposal
Methods of clearing up: Small spills will evaporate. Mop up large spills with absorbent materials and transfer to suitable disposal container.

7. Handling and Storage

Handling: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In accordance with good hygiene industrial practices, do not eat, drink or smoke when handling this material.
Storage: Keep away from all sources of ignition / static discharge. Store in a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight and below 45 deg, C.

8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Engineering Measures: Use only in well ventilated areas. Normal room ventilation should be
Sufficient for small quantities.
Personal Protection: Gloves and eye protection are recommended for prolonged or repeated exposure.

9. Physical And Chemical Properties

Appearance / Colour: Colourless liquid. Flammability: Highly Flammable
Odour: Citrus Odour (180-819) Paraffinic odour (180-847/853)
Flash point °C: 0 (est.) Density: 0.78
Boiling point °C:> 80 Explosive Limit (% vol) Lower 0.6 Upper 8.3
Vapour Density: 3.12 (air = 1) Vapour pressure: 33mmHG @ 20°C Vapour Pressure: 11.52 kPas. Solubility in water: Immiscible in water Auto Ignition temp°c: > 200 Volatile Content (V.O.C.) N.D.
Melting Point °C< - 29
Explosive / Oxidising Vapour/Air mixture may be explosive

10. Stability and Reactivity

Stability: Stable. Vapour / air mixture may be explosive. Conditions to avoid: All sources of ignition.
Materials to avoid: Oxidizing materials.

11. Toxicological Information

Primary Irritation index for hydrocarbon solvent is 1.42 (max 8.0) LD50 (Oral rat) 5.04 g/kg (Isopropanol): >5.9 g/kg (Methoxy propanol)
LD50 (Dermal rabbit) 16.4 ml/kg (Isopropanol): >10.0 g/kg (Methoxy propanol)

12. Ecological Information

Possible environmental effects and behavior / ODP / aquatic toxicity

Methoxy propanol: BOD / ThOD Index: 58.5%
Isopropanol: COD:2760 mgO2/ ml: BOD: 1070 mgO2/ ml

13. Disposal Considerations

Safe disposal of product. Its residues and packing materials
Dispose of according to Local Regulations. See also section 7 & 8 for handling precautions and personal protection where applicable.

14. Transport Information

Product Trade Name: Solvent cleaner Contains: N.A.
Proper Shipping Name: Flammable liquid n.o.s. U.N. Number: 1993
I.A.T.A. Class: 3 Packing Group: II
I.M.D.G. No.: 3230 I.M.D.G.Class: 3.2
A.D.R./ R.I.D. class: 3 A.D.R./R.I.D. No: 3°(b)

15. Regulatory Information

Indication of Danger: Highly Flammable Flame symbol
Contains: N.A. Risk Phases: N.A.
Safety Phrases: Keep containers in a well ventilated place.
Keep away from all sources of ignition. No Smoking. Avoid contact with skin.
Take precautionary measures against static discharges.

Occupational Exposure Limits:

Long - Term exposure limit (8 hour TWA)

Short - Term exposure limit (10 min period)






Methoxy propanol










Hydrocarbon Solvent (Sup)





* May be absorbed through the skin. (Sup) = supplier’s data
Ref: HSE Guidance notes EH40 / 94

16. Other Information

Recommended uses
And restrictions: Use only as directed
Publications refs: Compiled in accordance with CHIP 2 1994 & 1996,
1997 Amendment Regulations.
HSC Approved Codes Of Practice, documents L37



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