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HumiSeal Temporary Can Change Notification

Temporary Can Change Notification

HumiSeal Europe is experiencing a supply issue on the black polymer cans. A consensus has been met
at management level to trigger the approved contingency supply plan and re-use the pre-approved
metal screw neck cans as a temporary measure. This is to mitigate any shipment delays and to allow
continuous supply of approved orders across all our customer base.
We thank you for your understanding and support during this short period, whilst we address the
supply issue.

Specifications of this change is detailed below.

1. Product package: 5 Litres from HumiSeal Europe only

2.  Effective Date: Immediately across all product lines.
Shipment of both the polymer and metal cans can be expected, during this package change

3. Ordering code: There are no changes to the product codes.
Products manufactured by HumiSeal Europe only.

4.  Contingency duration: Until further notice.
Formal notification will be issued once the supply is rectified and back to normal.

A visual reminder of the metal screw neck can and handling requirement to open it is included below.

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