Threadlocker Basics – The locking compound

Thread locking compounds or also known as “Threadlockers” are an adhesive that can be applied to the threads of a fastener to prevent it from loosening over time due to vibration or shifting parts.

This is especially beneficial for little bolts that require a low torque, such as rotor bolts, but it can be used anyplace a bolt can continuously loosen while being properly torqued. Cycling technicians swear by lubricating a fastener with grease to allow a bolt or nut to be accurately torqued and to easy removal down the road. Thread locking chemicals and grease should never be mixed.

Thread locking substance is a thixotropic fluid, which means its properties alter depending on the situation. This refers to a lack of oxygen that allows the fluid to set once the fastener has been tightened down to the necessary torque for most forms of thread locker, particularly the blue coloured form used on bicycle parts. Although it will dry sooner, it is advisable to give the locking compound a full 24 hours to properly set.

Colour is the key for locking compounds

Medium vigour Loctite is often blue in colour and can be used to keep bolts from coming loose in a variety of places. It is considered ‘removable’ in the sense that it should not require significant force or heat to break free.

It is available in a squeeze bottle with a needle tip, allowing you to apply it only where needed, but it may also be purchased in a tube, similar to a glue stick, that is ideal for applying to areas where you don’t want it to flow onto adjacent surfaces (lever reach adjustment screws being a perfect example).


Where to use

Blue thread lock is appropriate for use on any steel fastener that has loosened repeatedly despite being tightened to the required torque. Thread locking compounds are used primarily for safety reasons, and international standards require that brake rotor and calliper mounting hardware be coated with them so that an inadequately torqued fitting does not ratchet loose.

The same is true for shock mountain hardware and any threaded fitting on a spinning item. Thread locking compound is also recommended for press-in or threaded items that are prone to creaking over time (a touch of blue thread locker on some clean BB threads, for example).


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