What are UV Adhesives?

UV adhesives and sealants are available in both epoxy and acrylate formulas, and when exposed to a light source after application, they establish strong and dependable bonding. High transparency and outstanding stability, even in harsh environmental conditions, make them a dependable choice for manufacturers of plastics, rubbers, ceramics, glass, and metal substrates.

Furthermore, because of on-demand curing and setting, they are ideal for precision component assembly anywhere precise assembly is required.

On-demand curing, which is used across a wide range of sectors because to its quick cure durations and effective application, provides greater control during manufacturing processes. Furthermore, with solid adhesion and sealing in colourless to near-colourless curing, producers can build consumer goods that fulfil both high aesthetic requirements and varying degrees of compliance in the medical business.

You can tailor your UV cure adhesive to materials that only transmit visible light or only transmit UV light by using a variety of photoinitiators. This ensures that you can effortlessly attach all substrate types in any application. It is merely a matter of selecting the appropriate UV adhesive for your needs.

Light cure adhesives and sealants are preferred over other bonding and adhesion processes for a variety of reasons. Cure periods are critical in operations that need great precision, such as those used in the medical, optical, and electronics sectors.

UV Adhesives Applications

UV cure adhesives and sealants are versatile enough to be used in a variety of sectors. They are, nevertheless, typically found in components that utilise plastic and glass substrates. UV adhesives for glass, in both precision and decorative applications, in particular, enable producers to readily attach materials with a high degree of control and in ultra-fast times by applying the specified UV light range.

UV adhesives and sealants are frequently used in the medical and electronics sectors, where they perform a variety of roles in production processes that require exceptional environmental resilience, a wide operating temperature range, low shrinkage, and strong, tack-free surfaces. They may, however, be utilised in industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Dentistry
  • Printing

UV Adhesives brands and products

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