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What is petrol resistant sealant?

A petrol resistant sealant is a substance that is applied to surfaces in order to create a barrier that is resistant to petrol and other petroleum-based products. This type of sealant is generally used on surfaces that come into contact with fuel, such as fuel tanks and fuel lines. Petrol resistant sealants are also used in some types of coatings and adhesives.


What kind of sealants are petrol resistant?

Petrol resistant sealants need to have exceptional chemical resistance coupled with good mechanical properties. Finding the right petrol resistant sealant for the right application can be a challenging task: certain sealants may be effective on some petroleum-based products, but not others.

  • Gasket sealants. These products are used to seal gaskets and prevent leaks. Polyester urethane-based products are especially effective, as they will resist extreme temperature changes without hardening. Polyurethane has exceptional resistance to petrol, oils, kerosene and other petroleum-based chemicals. Hylomar Universal Blue is a high-performance gasket compound: it resists petrol and a wide range of fluids, and it also provides a wide operating temperature range.
  • Epoxy resins. Epoxy resin is a flexible, tough material with a high viscosity. However, you should check if it’s compatible with the type of petrol you expect to use. Epoxy resin does not bind well with certain types of petroleum products. If used in the wrong conditions, it can become brittle and break down.
  • In general, silicone is not compatible with petrol. There are, however, some silicone-based products that are specifically formulated to resist fuel. SS-300, a room temperature vulcanising silicone sealant, is a notable example.


What are the applications of petrol resistant sealant?

The properties of petrol resistant sealants make them suited to demanding applications, requiring contact with fuel and other hazardous substances.

  • Petrol stations. Harsh chemicals such as petrol and motor oil are always present at service stations. Petrol resistant products are used as a coating and sealant to protect station floors. This helps keep the soil and groundwater clean and reduces fire hazards. It also prevents staining from grease and oil. Petrol resistant sealants are similarly used on workshops and factory floors.
  • Fuel tanks and fuel lines. Petrol resistant sealants are used to create air-tight seals in fuel lines. They are also used to seal the rivets and joints of fuel tanks. This prevents dangerous leaks and avoids liquid and air intrusion. Sealants used on fuel tanks must provide flexibility, to accommodate the movement of vehicles. Petrol resistant sealants are used in both the automotive and the aerospace industries.


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