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Air Dusters

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Air dusters are products that use compressed gas to remove dust and dirt from surfaces. They come in handy aerosol cans and are often used to clean electronics and optics. Air duster cans contain inert gases that are compressed into liquids. When sprayed, the liquid returns to a gaseous state, generating a powerful “air” jet.

Our air dusters are safe to use on most surfaces. They are non-flammable and environmentally friendly. They do not contain CFC’s, HFC’s or ozone-depleting substances.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of air dusters from major manufacturers such as Ambersil.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Ambersil.

Air dusters efficiently remove dust and dirt from most surfaces. They are especially useful on electronics that would be sensitive to moisture. They can be used to remove contamination from hard to reach areas. Air dusters come in easy to use aerosol cans.

Unless they are labeled as “invertible” or similar, air dusters can only be sprayed in an upright position or slightly tilted. Holding the can upside down can result in dripping liquid onto surfaces or the user’s skin. Contact between the propellant gas and the skin can cause mild frostbite. Inhaling gas from an air duster can be harmful: you should always use them in a properly ventilated area.

Besides general purpose air duster, different types of dusting gas products are available for specific applications:

  • “Extreme” air duster. Provides a more powerful air jet compared to regular air dusters. Its use is recommended for hard to clean dirt.
  • Invertible air duster. It can be used at all angles, removing the risk of contaminating electronics with moisture from dripping liquid.
  • Dust remover. Designed to eliminate dust contamination from fan coolers. Ideal for use on delicate electronics.
  • Precision duster. Includes one or more jet nozzles for hard to reach areas and specific applications.

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