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Conformal Coating Thinners

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Thinners are liquids used to lower the viscosity of a conformal coating. They are mixed to the coating material before application. Thinners allow users to adapt the viscosity to the application method. Using thinners also improves the drying properties of the coating.

Achieving the right coating thickness is important. Excessive thickness can lead to incomplete curing. It can also cause the coating to crack. Using thinners helps achieve the correct thickness and uniformity. This will prevent bubble formation, coating shrinkage and de-lamination. The lack of coating defects improves PCB reliability.

Thinners are formulated to be compatible with specific coating chemistries. However, they are not suitable for every type of conformal coating. Most silicone and UV materials have fixed viscosities. They don’t need thinning.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of conformal coatings thinners from major manufacturers such as Humiseal.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Humiseal.

  • Adjusting viscosity to suit the application method (brush-on, spray, film, automated dip)
  • For spray application: improving spray pattern, avoiding overspray
  • Achieving the right coating thickness and uniformity
  • Improving drying properties
  • Reducing coating defects, including: bubble formation, shrinkage, peeling, cobwebbing

Conformal coating thinners should not be confused with strippers. Thinners are mild solvents. They are designed for compatibility with coatings. Strippers are strong solvents used to remove coatings. Thinners don’t a pose a risk to electronic components. Strippers should be used carefully to avoid damage.

Make sure you do not use thinners as strippers, or the other way around.


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