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Water Based

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Welcome to ConRo Electronics’ “Water Based” category, your trusted source for high-quality water-based coatings designed specifically for industrial applications. Our extensive range of water-based coatings is engineered to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding environments. Whether you’re seeking abrasion resistance, effective damping of vibration noise, or UV-stable solutions, our water-based coatings have got you covered.

At ConRo Electronics, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality water-based coatings, sourced from reputable brands like Henkel and catering to a wide array of industries. Henkel is a globally renowned name in the industrial adhesive and coating industry, and their Teroson line of water-based coatings represents the pinnacle of innovation and performance. All of our products have been carefully selected to meet the high standards required by industrial settings, guaranteeing safety, reliability and durability.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Henkel.

  • Eco-friendly: Water-based coatings are environmentally responsible, containing fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based alternatives. They contribute to reduced air pollution and a healthier workplace.
  • Low odour: These coatings emit minimal odours during application, ensuring a safer and more comfortable working environment.
  • Less flammable: Water-based coatings are less flammable than solvent-based options, making the workplace safer.
  • Excellent adhesion: Water-based coatings provide superior adhesion to various substrates, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, water-based coatings offer adaptability and ease of use.
  • Easy cleanup: Cleaning equipment and tools used with water-based coatings is simple, requiring only water and soap.
  • Durability: These coatings offer robust protection against corrosion, abrasion, and wear, extending the lifespan of industrial equipment and surfaces.

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