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Syringe Barrels

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ConRo Electronics offers an extensive selection of syringe barrel kits designed for precise and reliable adhesive dispensing. Our range includes general-purpose syringe barrels, ideal for various adhesives, and Metcal receiver head assemblies, essential for connecting the controller to the syringe or cartridge. We feature top-tier products from leading manufacturers such as Loctite, Nordson, and Metcal, ensuring you receive the highest quality and performance for your dispensing needs.

ConRo Electronics is an authorized distributor for Loctite, Nordson and Metcal.

At ConRo Electronics, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality syringe barrels and accessories from trusted brands.

  • Loctite Syringe Barrel and Piston Kits: Available in 10 ml, 30 ml, and 55 ml sizes, with options in clear and black. The black syringe barrels are specifically designed for storing and dispensing light-sensitive adhesives, such as UV-curing adhesives. These kits are perfect for dispensing adhesives accurately and efficiently, making them a preferred choice for many industrial applications.
  • Nordson EFD Clear Syringe and Piston Kits: These syringe kits are renowned for their superior quality and precision. Available in 10cc sizes, they maintain a perfect seal, ensuring consistent and accurate filling and dispensing with minimal fluid waste. Manufactured from clear polymer, Nordson syringe barrels are certified for industrial use and are ideal for dispensing all assembly fluids except those that are light-sensitive.
  • Metcal Receiver Head Assemblies: Designed to provide a link between the controller and the syringe or cartridge, these assemblies include a 0.9 meters connection hose, a cartridge adapter with an O-ring, and a quick-release coupling. Made of durable Delrin resin, these adapters offer a secure and reliable connection, ensuring accident-proof dispensing. Metcal receiver head assemblies are available for 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, and 55cc syringe barrels.

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Dispensing Syringes, Barrels and Cartridges

We stock a very comprehensive range, including barrels and accessories for UV or light sensitive materials.


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