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PPE and Sanitising Equipment

PPE and sanitising equipment are used to shield the skin, eyes and airways against infection and dangerous substances. We at ConRo have put together a wide selection of protective equipment from different manufacturers. Whether face masks, face shields or hand disinfection – you can find everything here.

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and includes all items designed to protect the individual from physical and/or chemical harm. Face masks are probably the most well-known form of PPE. Sanitising equipment, in the form of liquids or wipes, is used to kill germs and bacteria that are present on hands and surfaces. All of our products meet or exceed all safety standards.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of PPE and sanitising equipment from major manufacturers such as Ambersil and Bonderite.

Our range includes the following products:

  • Face masks and shields. Face masks are made of breathable fabric and can filter out small particles in the air. They are used to reduce the spread of airbourne pathogens and aerosolized contaminants. Face shields cover the entire face and protect the eyes, nose and mouth from sprays and splashes.
  • Gloves. Disposable gloves offer basic hand protection against hazardous substances. They fit snugly, preserving the user’s hand dexterity, and allow a safe, firm grip.
  • Hand sanitisers & cleaners. Hand sanitisers are a type of disinfectant that uses chemicals to kill germs and bacteria, thus reducing pathogen transmission. They come in the form of gels, liquids or foam.
  • Surface sanitisers & cleaners. Surface sanitisers are used to disinfect workspaces and frequently used surfaces, such as door handles, handrails and switches.
  • Wipes. Bactericidal wipes are used to clean hands or surfaces quickly and effectively.


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